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Seabreeze: Casual, outdoor deli and market for daytrippers

Situated at the busy intersection where University Avenue and the Eastshore Highway meet, Seabreeze in Berkeley is en route to several outdoorsy destinations -- from the Adventure Playground and Cesar Chavez Park in the Berkeley Marina, to the new bike paths along Frontage Road, to Fourth Street dining or family hikes further up the hills beyond campus. Most people have seen it on their way to somewhere, and if they haven’t tried the food here, they’ve always wondered how it fares.

The wide selection of casual seafood dishes alone is enough to make the hungry but discriminating daytripper feel appreciative, with the likes of fish and chips, clam chowder, garlic crab, oyster sandwiches, fried calamari, crab cakes, catfish, clam strips, trout burgers and more on the menu. Once in a rare while, Seabreeze seems to suffer with the occasional “off” day with its seafood quality, but overall, the portions are decent and the seafood fresh, fried to perfection and served with a side of coleslaw.

The location makes it ideal for grabbing reinforcements for the hike or bike ride, and the adjoining market stocks granola bars, fresh fruits, water and energy drinks, along with the sweet and salty – the chips, candies, and pastries. There’s a smoothie bar serving iced coffee, fresh carrot and orange juices and, of course, smoothies, on site.

One of the best parts about the place is you can enjoy your goodies outside on one of several picnic benches, where the family dog is welcome, too. The view will consist mostly of intersection traffic, but rest assured that the salty smells of the Bay are not far from here.

HelloMetro Tip: In spite of the paper tray and self service, prices can run a bit high for fried seafood or burger selections. Expect to spend just under $10 for the prawns and fries or the catfish filet.

Posted on December 7, 2011 by Renee Rutledge
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