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This boutique hotel has several romantic honeymoon rooms and suites that are uniquely their own. Put your board on and let's take a quick look at the water and experience the most beautiful and scenic beaches in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Save money by staying close to China Beach and enjoying the best views of San Francisco Bay and the most beautiful beaches in the Bay Area.

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Located in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, it offers easy access to the city's most popular tourist destinations. Whether you're on a business trip, weekend getaway or overnight stay, it doesn't feel like half a world away.

With access to some of the most important attractions, including the Golden Gate Bridge, the San Francisco Bay Bridge and many more, you will surely have a unique and memorable experience. This San Francisco hotel is a great choice if you are looking for reliable and affordable accommodations. You can also find many great new and used options online through our online hotel search engine. Search for cheap prices, find the lowest prices and get the best online prices on eBay, as well as hotels in the Bay Area and around the world with low prices.

San Francisco has no shortage of beaches, but it may not quite have the sun - the soggy variety Southern California is known for. Two of the beaches included here are at least partially located in San Mateo County, and both are located on China Beach. Tucked between Baker Beach and Land's End, this cove is one of the most popular beaches in the San Francisco Bay Area and is just a few blocks from the Golden Gate Bridge. It is located on the west side of San Jose Bay and borders the Bay Bridge and Fort Funston, with access to Thornton from Fort Funston and San SF.

To the east is the Golden Gate Bridge and Fort Funston, and to the west is Land's End, the San Francisco Bay. There is no better place in the world to be on a sunny 73-degree day in San Jose than China Beach. The leaf falls on the beach in front of the hotel on the corner of San Mateo Street and South Van Ness Avenue and right next door there is an open-air café and bar.

The journey time from San Francisco to Modesto is about 2 hours and 10 minutes by bus, but if you have a car or plan to travel, you will find an easy and inexpensive way to get on the bus. Buses in San Francisco emit about 2,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per hour, about the same amount of CO2 emissions as a typical car.

Located in Miramar, near Roosevelt Park, one of San Francisco's most popular tourist attractions. In the heart of downtown, just a few blocks from the Golden Gate Bridge, it is located at the intersection of Mission Street and Market Street. The price for a two-night stay for two ($73 is a proposal) ranges from $1,200 to $2,500.

Rodeo Beach is located on a headland and is a simple urban retreat from San Francisco and one of the most popular beaches in the Bay Area. China Beach, near the Golden Gate Bridge, is a secluded cove overlooking Chinatown and the bay and the Pacific Ocean.

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