Seasonal jobs you can get in industries other than retail

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Having a hard time saving money for the holidays? If cutting back on spending seems out of the question, then a seasonal job might be what you need. There are many industries that need seasonal workers during their busy time of year, but oftentimes, people can't get past the idea of retail. But there are actually many other options outside of that industry. Here are some winter seasonal employment opportunities that aren't in retail.

Customer service representative

More people shopping means more people are going to have complaints and questions. Customer service representatives work with customers to resolve complaints, process orders and provide information about an organization's products or services. A job in customer service may mean manning a customer service counter, but opportunities to work with customers over the phone or online are also available. VDM


The end of the semester is coming for both college and high school students. Parents want their children to do well in school and many are willing to pay to make it happen. Skilled in math, reading, history or any of the sciences? Consider tutoring. This can be a great holiday business idea.

Tax preparer

The timely among us are already looking toward their January tax deadlines, and those with complicated taxes may already be outsourcing. For those that don't want to go through the hassle of filing their own taxes - or simply don't know how to do so - tax preparers can help. A tax preparer is a professional that is qualified to calculate, file and sign income tax returns on behalf of individuals and businesses.

Social media assistant

Companies are frequently looking for ways to either get started on social media, or bolster their social media presence. If you are skilled at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other forms of social media, market your talents to smaller companies looking to capitalize on social media buzz to improve their sales this season. You can even consider being a micro-influencer and exchanging product mentions on your own page for free goods or services from a company.


What's something that a lot of families send out during the holiday season? Family pictures. If you are good with a camera, put your skills to the test and snap some family photos for those holiday cards. Ventura


Concierges assist patrons with personal services. This can include: giving advice on transportation, and monitoring guest requests for maintenance, business services or entertainment. Malls and hotels are two such places that may need more concierges during the holiday season. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly wage of a concierge is $16.13 and the position does not require a college degree.


Not everyone has the energy to do their own decorating for the holiday season. As a result, people may pay to have it done for them. If you have a keen eye when it comes to decorating, you may be able to turn your craft hobby into a small business. Decorators might dress up stores, buildings, homes and even rooms for parties and events.

Childcare provider

The holiday season brings on parties and all kinds of fun activities - not all of which are kid-friendly. For those adult-only affairs, parents will need someone to take care of their children. Childcare providers perform light housekeeping duties and keep all meals, nap and activity areas clean. They often update the primary caregivers on their child's development.

Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant role is a good option for those who need flexible work hours. With the busy holiday season, big and small companies alike are looking for an extra hand. Virtual assistants perform various administrative tasks including answering emails, scheduling meetings and making travel arrangements.

Front desk receptionist

Although many companies take extended breaks during the holiday season, some may still need someone to be there to keep the lights on. A seasonal front desk receptionist may be responsible for answering phones, giving key information to callers, booking appointments and taking messages.

Passenger service agent

With the holiday season comes more travel, and airlines need more people to help with the increase in travelers. A passenger service agent is a representative of the airline that welcomes passengers at check-in desks and scans boarding passes at the gate.

Marketing coordinator

Marketing is especially important this time of year, and many big companies hire seasonal marketing coordinators to help with their efforts. Marketing coordinators advertise for projects, create media campaigns, promote events and projects, research their market and audience, and maintain databases.


Personal gift shopper

The holiday season means a lot of errands, a lot of gift shopping and a lot of buying. Some people do not have the time or energy to do their own shopping, and instead would rather pay to have it done for them. If this is something that interests you, check out things that every holiday shopper should know.


Those Santas in almost every mall in America get paid to have kids sit on their lap and tell them what they want for Christmas. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the best professional Santas are jovial and love to be around people, especially children. Most find seasonal work in shopping malls, stores or with photography companies.

Tour/travel guide

Those traveling during the holiday season may want to do some sightseeing while they're away. If you have a lot of knowledge about your city or town, consider becoming a tour or travel guide. Light Studios

Human resources coordinator

With many companies having a large influx of seasonal employees, some companies expand their human resources departments. An HR coordinator's duties include liaising with recruitment agencies, advertising job openings, organizing and designing training sessions, accurately recording hours, and managing payroll and employee relations.

Delivery helper

Online orders ramp up during the holiday season, requiring delivery companies to make major seasonal hires. Delivery helpers sometimes ride with the drivers and help deliver packages or may meet up with a driver on their route and deliver packages on foot. UPS alone is planning to hire about 100,000 helpers for the 2019 holiday season.

Delivery driver

With more packages needing to be delivered, delivery companies also need more drivers. Be aware that in order to be a delivery driver, a commercial driver's license is required. According to UPS, a portion of the seasonal hires are needed to staff temporary facilities that UPS builds just for the seasonal shipping rush.

Package handler

Package handlers load, unload and sort packages for delivery companies. Again, online orders ramp up during the holiday season and delivery companies need as much help as they can get.



Housekeepers perform light cleaning duties to maintain households or commercial establishments. Housekeeping can be a good option if you prefer working more in a home setting. And if none of these ideas suit you, perhaps these unique holiday business ideas will. 

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